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J for JaeJoong, S for Junsu, C for YooCheon

J: is it alright if I blow out the candles?
S: All of those albums are created out of the songs that we composed ourselves. Adding on that brings out more meanings and that’s why…
MC: but the self-composed song was so much so of a hot issue (referring to Chun’s song)
C: I was shocked about it. Many people have commented a lot about it. But it’s just a song that’s made up of the story that we frankly wanted to talk about.


MC: if speaking about composition of song or lyrics, who’s the best at it?
C: of course it is each and every one of us
S: the person who made the basic of the song is the creator of the particular song and then to finish up the song, the help of the members will be required.
C: the basic of the song is made, then help from the members are received and he’ll take all in as if it’s his own (referring to Junsu).
MC: JYJ is so comfortable and nice.
MC: of all the songs that you guys have composed. Is there one specific song that you find it best?
S: personally… as a gay (Junsu is having a blocked nose so his pronunciation is bad) …
C: Junsu is having a blocked nose currently so he cannot pronounce the words correctly. He wanted to say personally but it ended up sounds like as a gay…
S: there’s this one song that JaeJoong Hyung composed some time back… oh~ what was that…?
J: he said he like it… (yet he can’t remember the title)
S: what was the name of that song? (asking Jae)
J: wasurenaide (Don’t forget)…
S: Ja~ let’s do this again. The song that JaeJoong Hyung composed…personally.. it was a song that was composed in Japan… that…I can’t remember the name…
MC: it seems that you’re not just having a block nose but also your mind is being blocked as well.
C: wasurenaide…
[Jae is singing the song.]
S: I wanted to harmonize the song but my block nose is so terrible…
S: oh~ now that I’ve tried singing it seems like my block nose has been cleared…suddenly…
[Questions from fans time]
MC: what’s the best for the first question?
S: there’s really a lot of questions being asked.
MC: what’s the first thing that comes to mind the moment you wake up?
J: I will think of the fans first.
S: I really.. frankly… I’ll think about what I will be doing today.
MC: what about YooCheon?
C: I think I will think about the fans first too. (turns and look at Junsu.)
S: me too. And.. it’s just that this… if the question ask “who would you think of first”, I’d say it’s the fans but the question ask “what is the thing I think of..” isn’t it?
J: that’s why I said that it’s the fans that I thought of first isn’t it?
S: then it’s the fans for me as well…
MC: there are a lot of different kinds of kiss like cappuccino kiss or foam kiss that’s gaining popularity these days, so what’s the kind of kiss that you want to try?
MC: JaeJoong posted a picture of himself with foam around his lips on twitter…
C: was that foam?
J: the foam was caused by the foam cleansing…I was trying to clean myself up (face portion) and I thought that’s right I need to take a picture of it.
C: in your big house, alone inside your toilet, you said “I need to remove my makeup” and wasn’t it that you did that pose and took a picture of yourself?
J: yes.. I do have a little of narcissistic in me.
S:I like Candie kiss… I like candy kiss (he made the wrong pronunciation and corrected it again.)
J: I like bathtub kiss
MC: bathtub kiss? You mean kissing the bathtub?
J: after I get married.. with my wife…
C: having shower together…
J: and make the foams…
S: after you get married… ah.. no..nothing.. (I think he heard something wrongly here.. hehehe ^___^)
MC: what about Yoocheon?
C: I think I’d prefer just a normal kiss… but I’d prefer a kiss on the cheeks rather than a kiss..
MC: if that’s the case, I have some time today… I think I can help you… it seems like kissing on the cheeks can also be done now.
J: Let’s see what’s the next question is~
J: oh.. I wanted to talk about this. Do you know about the charity project that was being done by fans for the sake of JYJ?
J: we were really grateful of that. It seems like the talks about fans who are the ones who raise singers actually come about from situations like this…
MC: Jaejoong, you not going to cry, are you?
J: no it’s just the eye mucus at the sides of my eyes.
JYJ: “thank you”
J: you wanted to say “Hello”
JYJ: “thank you” (with more vibe)
J: ahh.. this is very good~ for the sake of the Asian fans, please say “hello” to all of them.
MC: the most shocking matter that happened recently?
J: it was rumored that there was one nightclub in kangnam… and I was there booking..
C: I contacted Jaejoong and he was actually at home.
J: but in reality, it was the fans who wanted to be booked so they went there. I don’t go to nightclubs and… I stopped going since a long time back. And I don’t think I will want to go anymore. So, please do other things.
MC: would you want to be like Hyun Bin and serve the marine military?
C: No. (in 1 sec) was it Junsu who said that he wanted to go?
S: did I..?
MC: talk about the good and bad points of each other.
J: for Junsu, currently he needs to get his blocked nose cleared and…
S: The good thing about Jaejoong Hyung is… he worries about a lot of things.
C: Jaejoong Hyung needs to fix the fact that he’s always concern and fret about a lot of things. If there’s anything that’s unhappy, he’ll have the tendency to keep everything to himself. That’s why he’s always fretting about matters.
S: Because it is pressurizing for him…
J: Like when people are living together, if there’s rubbish, there are people who think that it’s alright to just have it thrown away and people who think that I need to pick up that rubbish so that this place will be kept clean. It seems like it’s referring to about the same situation.
J: YooCheon thinks about matters very fast. Like.. if we were required to make choices about something, we would list out the possibility and then think about it. But while we were still thinking about it, Yoocheon would have already made a conclusion.
J: if we were to play scissors, paper or stone, YooCheon would always be the winner.
S: And I would always be the one to lose out.
J: Junsu is always the one who lose.
MC: any recent happenings that caused you to lose out?
S: we paid the same amount of money and went to Busan for holiday but I was the one who had to sleep in the smallest room.
C: I will choose this. If Earth is to collapse tomorrow, what would you like to do?
S: there’s this island by the name of BoraBora which we went for filming in the past. I would want to go there again.
MC: then what would you want to do that BoraBora Island?
S: over there I would want to swim… and I want to catch some turtles.
C: there are really turtles over there that you catch while you swim.
J: for me.. even if it’s just one member, if the Earth is going to collapse and we will die, I think I’d just die.
C: same goes for me!
J: that’s right, isn’t it?
S: I didn’t have the chance to talk about everything just now. At BoraBora, I would want to sing to the fans and… what did Jaejoong Hyung said just now? If I were to say all this now it seems too much to talk about. Can this part be edited?
J: who would be the first to get married among the three of you?
S: Where is that?
J: it’s Junsu for me.
C: for me too it’s Junsu.
S: eh? Out of the sudden why? If it was the past, it would be Yoocheon.
J: now that I think of it, it seems that YooCheon would marry later.
C: it seems like because I want to get married fast but it’s not proceeding smoothly so, I will get married later.
S: but the person who needs (to get married) most is Jaejoong Hyung, isn’t it?
J: When you wanted it badly, it just doesn’t come true. Because my parents are of an older age, and they said they want to carry their grandchildren soon.
S: there was an interesting story. Jaejoong’s dad asked him if he has a girlfriend, and because he said that he didn’t, then forget about the girl, just bring me the grandchild first.
J: it seems like firstly, I need to have a girlfriend. If you’re somewhere, please come quickly. I want to die~ (he’s feeling the urgency to have a grandchild for his parents.)
J: the wife needs to be a person who knows domestic chores…
J: and then in the future, the fans will write something like “Kim JaeJoong’s ideal type is someone who knows domestic chores”. Please don’t do this~
C: For me it would be someone whom my mom will like.
MC: what kind of a person would your mom like?
C: I have no idea. It doesn’t matter who it is but perhaps someone who’s amiable with my parents or people who are older.
MC: what if she’s someone who weighs 120kg but is someone that your parents favour?
J: we spoke about this before. Which is of more importance, the face or the body? And YooCheon chose face even if she’s fat it’s alright. But Junsu, he chose the body instead of the face.
S: No~because people are the heart…
J/C: then why did you choose body?
S: that’s why I chose body because it is easier to fix the body as compared to fixing the face. Anyways, if it’s talking about making a good body, exercise will do…
J: isn’t it harder to fix the face?
S: the body, isn’t it said that it’s the basic of a physic? Then I will change to choosing face if that’s the case. The most important thing is really~ for me.. it’s characteristic… because it seems like everyone’s laughing so I’m saying about this.. but I’m really frank about this.
[MC said something about some positive thinking. I shall not translate.]
J: It seems like there will be a member who will marry a fan.
S: that’s also a possibility.
C: this.. this.. this…if there’s a fan who’s your ideal would you think of marrying her?
J/S: of course… that’s for sure!
J: it was during the period when we were performing in Japan, there was this moment for our members that from afar there seems to be that someone special who catch our attention. And for that particular moment, we caught it and to the extent that we were feeling nervous about it.
[JYJ talking about singing and their dreams as a singer. And the usual closing ment.]

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