Fanaccount: Yoochun visits Children’s Cancer Center JYJ

On Tuesday 8th February 2011, @Spring_Breezes said:
[fan acct] Yuchun’s visit to children’s cancer center 2/7/11

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The boy’s mother recognized YC from the drama SKK Scandal and welcomed him.

The boy’s conditions got worse suddenly and he threw up all the milk he drank and had to be cleaned up.

YC, with a cocerned look on his face, knelt down on his knees and held the boy’s hand while he was struggling in pain. YC maintained eye contact with the boy and comforted him while talking to him in his unique low voice (what YC was saying couldn’t be heard too well due to the background noises).

The pained look on YC’s face when YC was at a loss for what to do while the boy was in a lot of pain was heart-wrenching.

When too many hospital staff and guardians gathered around, YC had to leave. But YC went back inside by himself after talking to his manager about something.

Once back in the room, YC visited all the other children and their parents as well as the child and his parents that his fans sponsored. He consoled them quite a while and bid adieu. Then he got on the elevator and left quickly.

His manager later explained that the reason why YC left so hurriedly was that YC didn’t want to steal the thunder from the child [who he thought deserved more attention than him]. YC’s only intention for the hospital visit was to comfort the boy that his fans have helped.

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2nd cr: @tomate0424

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