CJeS to take legal action against defamation

C-JeS Entertainment, which is in charge of JYJ’s management, has decided to take strong legal action against the relaying of one-sided claims that argue that [Park] has suffered damages due to fraud relating to the last year’s American Showcases.

H Dream (T/N: Park’s company), which sued arguing that it was defrauded by Kim XX who claimed to be a subcontractor for the JYJ’s American tour, included/mentioned JYJ and C-JeS in its complaint that it distributed to the media outlets. Against this, C-JeS plans to take strong legal action.

The complaint that H Dream distributed to media outlets only provides that it invested in Kim XX. There are no specific information that relate to C-JeS Entertainment or Warner Music. There are only unilateral speculations. Therefore, it is beyond doubt and is obvious that the above fails to establish fraud (for C-JeS). This action is of course a False Claim against Innocent Parties, and also is a Defamation through publishing upon false facts. Therefore, C-JeS has decided to counter this strictly, through law.

Law Firm Sejong’s attorney Lim Zhang Hyuk, who is representing C-JeS, said: “There always has been actions like this one (by H Dream/Park) which used the fact that entertainers are reluctant to become a subject of articles in unpleasant contexts (T/N: to get money or other benefits from the entertainers). JYJ has so far already received unfair requests many times and have endured them. But this instant case is one that seriously overstep the limits of what can be endured, and so C-JeS decided to take strong legal action.” The attorney further said: “Cases such as this one is a chronic harm suffered by not just JYJ but other entertainers. [We] request that fans and the media cooperate (in their dealings) so that cases like this one do not happen again.”

Furthermore, C-JeS Entertainment Director Paek Chang Ju said: “The one who suffered financial and psychological harm due to the inexperience of the promotional agency of the American Tours was us. JYJ, because they made a promise with the fans, did not ask (the promotional agency) for blame but paid themselves all additional costs to complete the concerts. Despite this, [Park and H Dream] distributed to the media a complaint that had nothing to do with us. For this, we are taking strong legal action.”

Source: Sports Chosun
Credit: JYJ3

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