CJeS: New JYJ Concert June 26 2011

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Hot off the pages of CJeS’s website comes an announcement that JYJ will perform another concert in Gwangju on June 26 2011.  This comes after the massively successful concert in Busan (Pusan) that sparked a citywide boom where thousands of people flocked to the city booking up hotels, spending money in local restaurants, arranging for transportation, etc.

Here’s the translated report from CJeS (by way of JYJ3):

Hello. This is C-JeS Entertainment.

We thank you for the support that the Korean fans showed for the JYJ World Tour. Because the concerts so far had been concentrated in Seoul, in order to meet many more fans we have prepared the JYJ WORLD TOUR CONCERT IN GWANGJU and therefore we ask for much of your attention and support.

We announce below the details on the ticket’s release.

Thank you.

Name of the concert: JYJ World Tour Concert in Gwangju

Date: Year 2011, June 26 (Sunday) 7pm

Place: Yumju Comprehensive Gymnasium of Gwangyuk, Gwangju

Commencement of ticket sales: Year 2011 June 17, 8pm

Ticket Details: VIP Seats 120,000 KRW; R Seats 110,000 KRW; S Seats 90,000 KRW; A Seats 70,000 KRW; B Seats 60,000 KRW (Surtax separate)

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