Callous Heart [COMPLETE]

Hi Everyone! Autumndreamer is here again. Well, i know i didn’t tell anyone about this story being post up, and if you are my old reader and you found this story! GOOD JOB! To any new reader, i hope you will enjoy your reading on this one. This story will start in a little confusing manner, but little by little the details will be revealed. I would have to say, i planned this story for over two monthes, and it is pretty well organized already. Hope everyone will have fun reading it. Thank you! I love you all very much!


I love him because he is my everything..

Sometimes he is happy, but sometimes he is sad..

Sometimes he is outgoing, but sometimes he is shy..

He can run around in the field.. can sing in front of a piano..

He can hang around me like an angel.. or just give me a light smile but keeping his distance with me..

He can play around in the sun.. or glow in the darkness..

Whatever it is.. I love him..

But sometimes.. I feel as if I am in love with two people..

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