Did KBS Lie to the Public about Allowing JYJ on Air Once Album is Released?


KBS has once again refused to allow JYJ on their shows after previously claiming they would reconsider letting the trio appear on Music Bank once they released an album.  This latest snub is simply another insult on the list of personal insults against JYJ from KBS.

JYJ’s CJeS Entertainment released a response to KBS’s latest ban notice, saying “We feel sorry that KBS didn’t keep their promise to the public.”

KBS is already infamous for claiming that allowing JYJ on air “is a threat to the culture industry”.  They also recently banned JYJ’s song “Pierrot”; lying about the song containing a slur against Lee Soo Man, the former head of SM Entertainment (SM).  

Did I mention that KBS replaced JYJ with SM artists in that Jeju Island concert? That’s too much of a coincidence to be pure.

They had previously claimed JYJ couldn’t appear on the show ‘Music Bank’ because the group hadn’t released an official album.  So, JYJ released an official album titled ‘In Heaven’.    And… KBS is still refusing to let them appear on the program despite the massive popularity of the album.