members, Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu have recently opened up and revealed their true feelings about DBSK’s Changmin and Yunho.

In a recent interview with reporters, the members of JYJ said that “The two friends frequently appear in our dreams. Not long ago, they appeared in the dreams of all three us on the same night.” They also said that, “A lot of time has passed. The misunderstandings that formed because of the distance and the amount of the time we’ve spent apart are beginning to disappear. We just want to meet them, and talk to them.”


Q: How do you feel about your album release?

Jaejoong = It’s an album that we were able to release because our fans waited for us and gave us courage. It’s not ours. It’s a small result that we’re giving to our fans. We want it to be a gift. Through this album, we want our fans to feel our determined resolution to never give up and keep going.

Junsu = This album is like our first official album. It’s ironic that it took two years for it to be released. We want to show the determination and will we have that another album will follow it later.

Q. You’ve grown musically from beginning as idols to being able to fill your album with your own compositions.

Jaejoong = It would be difficult to say that we worked hard just to fill our album with our own compositions or just to be called singer-songwriters. It’s quite a heart-wrenching story. These songs that are in our album were made due to unavoidable circumstances. We were scheduled for concerts, but we didn’t have any songs to sing. We had over 130 compositions but not a single song we could use at a concert. The songs that we made for our concerts are the ones that are in this album.