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In August 2011, you are invited to attend JYJ's Film Festival held at Insa Cultural Center.
jaejoong 013
jaejoong 013
The ratings for the first couple of episodes of Protect the Boss are high.  According to translated reports, the drama's first episode came in at 12.1% nationwide and 14.5% in Seoul (

The 2nd episode did even better jumping to 16.3% in Seoul and 13.4% nationwide (   Another source from AGP Nielsen had the number as high as 17.8% in Seoul with 14. 7% nationwide for the 2nd episode.

Jaejoong sees it first on the nightly entertainment news as he lies sprawled out on the […]
Dude, what happened to Yunho's leg?  Is this new or is this an old bruise that I hadn't paid attention to before?  Airport photos: