This was my first out-of-country concert so I don’t remember much due to the excitement (T/N: this Korean fan travelled to Taiwan to see JYJ), but I will write just a few things.

1. The most moving moment was when they sang “In Heaven” in the end. The Taiwanese fans all together held up the paper that said <JYJ, Beginning Again> and cheered… in one word, it was the emotion of being moved itself actualized. T__T It was about then– that Jaejoong, as white as snow, he became reddened with tears. Jaejoong almost burst into tears. T____T Because of that it seemed that there were many fans who were also crying.
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We met with actor Park Yoohwan, whose charm is his fresh youth.

During the interview, Park Yoohwan ate a couple of sandwiches for his meal and said, “I have a tomato allergy.” But when we asked him, ‘Then you can’t even eat ketchup?’ he said, “No, eating ketchup isn’t a problem.” When we asked him, ‘What happens when you eat a tomato?’ he broke the ice and aroused laughter from those around us as he said, “My face scrunches up.”

Before Park Yoohwan was known as Actor Park Yoohwan, he always had the title ‘Park Yoochun’s little brother’ placed in front of his name. Park Yoohwan actually began his career in the acting industry after tagging along to his brother’s acting class where he fell for the charm of acting in which you can ‘experience something new’ every day. He then took his first step into the industry by appearing as ‘Han Seo Woo’, a man who wants to seem more mature in front of his nephews who are older than him, in the MBC weekend drama ‘Shiny Shiny Shining’.