Park Yoohwan exposed his older brother Park Yoochun’s secret.

“His only flaw is that he is excessively tidy.” He said, when asked about (Yoochun’s) bad points. After thinking for a while, he said “Hmm, there really seems to be nothing,” then he laughed and continued, “Maybe he's just perfect?”

Finally, he thought of something; he briefly explained, “At home, my brother will notice when a hair is dropped. Sometimes, when I use a cup and I leave it on the table he will tell me to clean it up quickly.” He said this, but it isn’t at the level of obsession. “His(Yoochun’s) like for cleanliness is just a little tiring,” he said.

The ladies of T-ara were revealed to have been moved to tears while watching the “Tears of Heaven” musical.

According to Seol Company, on February 14th, T-ara attended the productions held on the 12th and 13th in support of labelmate Davichi’s Lee Haeri’s debut as a musical actress.

The members commented, “More so than anywhere else, Haeri unni was as beautiful as ever and shined so bright. Not only unni, but Kim Junsu, Brad Little, and the ensemble actors were all so very amazing. The performances were great, and the production itself was so moving, the members all cried.”