Yoochun showed support for his brother's, Yoohwan, acting debut by showing up at the press conference for the drama. Here are some pics and a short vid:

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On Tuesday 8th February 2011, @Spring_Breezes said:
[fan acct] Yuchun's visit to children's cancer center 2/7/11

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The boy's mother recognized YC from the drama SKK Scandal and welcomed him.

The boy's conditions got worse suddenly and he threw up all the milk he drank and had to be cleaned up.

YC, with a cocerned look on his face, knelt down on his knees and held the boy's hand while he was struggling in pain. YC maintained eye contact with the boy and comforted him while talking to him in his unique low voice (what YC was saying couldn't be heard too well due to the background noises).

English translation of why DNBN, one of the largest TVXQ websites, will be no longer supporting […]