Yunho is Outstanding. Seriously.

Yunho is outstanding.  Yes, I said it.  I get an incredible gut feeling about him. I don’t know when I started to feel such thoughts about that particular young man.  He is a hard-working, loyal, natural-born leader who doesn’t shy away from responsibility.

Months ago I came to this conclusion about Yunho even though I have never had a “bias” towards him.

By his own admission, TVXQ’s designated leader has had a highly difficult life.  He’s had to deal with various challenges and tough situations which have made him accustomed to hard work.  I bet Yunho can be thrown into almost any situation and he would be immediately able to handle himself well. 

I think at some point in his life he will positively affect the lives of thousands (possibly millions) of people in a way which may or may not have anything to do with music.  When I say he’s destined for big things, I mean HUGE things as long as he keeps his head clear and refuses to bow to guilt-trips from those who claim to have his best interest in mind. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future he becomes President of South Korea.  Nor would I be surprised if he opens a non-profit organization for the poor, or creates an agency to help those who are less fortunate.

I wouldn’t be shocked if he creates a company to teach and prepare young people to enter the entertainment industry. Nor would I be shocked if he works with them to help them find places to live, secures jobs or funding to keep them from making bad decisions, or finds agents to act on their behalf instead of having to be totally controlled by various management companies. 

I wouldn’t be astonished if he is instrumental in reforming the Korean entertainment industry from within by helping to get rid of the antiquated, slave-like practices of the industry. How does  ‘SM Entertainment President Jung Yunho’ sound?

Or maybe Yunho’s aspirations will, at some point, become much bigger and he will be involved in the unification of the two Koreas under a truly democratic government.  I’m not kidding or being overly dramatic at all. He is of that caliber.

yunhoWhile I may not always agree with whatever decision he makes about his own future, everything in my gut is telling me that Yunho’s character is of an extraordinary quality even if he doesn’t yet see it in himself.

There is an incredible vibe around him, though it seems he couldn’t catch a break when he was a kid.  I won’t go into detail about the numerous hospital visits he says he’s had to deal with in his life.  This boy (man) has already had his life in the balance but he lived to become a natural born leader and the designated head of one of the most highly recognized and respected vocal groups in all of Asia.

Yunho  has learned how to handle himself in almost any situation, as many fans and non-fans can tell.  He’s the type of person a CEO or company would groom to take over leadership of a huge corporation.  He’s the type of person that mothers would love as a son-in-law.  He’s the type of guy who is street-smart and rational even if his heart is soft. 

As much as leadership can be taught, the learned version of the skill is nowhere near as potent as someone who has a natural gift.  And Yunho has a natural gift. He also has an obvious portion of innocence as well, as do his fellow members despite their ages and previously situations.  Its refreshing!

The most obvious words used to describe Yunho are reliable, responsible and authoritarian.  It’s interesting because Yunho apparently said he would be a prosecutor if he wasn’t a singer.  I think he comes from a family in the legal field.  

It is not shocking that his sense of responsibility is quite high.  However , he should make sure that certain people around him aren’t using his highly developed sense of responsibility in order to keep him under their thumb.  And, thus,  end up pulling him away from (or delaying him from) becoming the type of man he is meant to be.

Though my feelings about Yunho transcends his musical abilities, they were cemented when I saw clips of him performing at a special tribute show to the late Michael Jackson.  Anybody would have been incredibly overwhelmed and too intimidated to even try.

Yunho isn’t a native English speaker but he took the opportunity to sing… Michael Jackson’s music… in the native English!  There are American stars who wouldn’t try that.  But Yunho did.  Nobody comes close to Michael  Jackson, but he stood his ground from the clips I saw.

I can’t think of another Asian singer who could have stepped into that role and pulled off the highly refined, delicate and technical dance moves.  The tall, slim, long-legged Yunho seemed, visually, a match for the performances as well.

If Junsu’s dance style can be described as passionate, Yunho’s dance style can be described as involving a high level of precision.  He seems to know exactly where he wants to position his hands, the exact stance of his feet and how he wants to execute a move.  It’s great to watch.

I was proud of him not only because of his performance, but also because I consider myself one of the generals in the war between Michael Jackson and the media for the last 10 or so years.

I was also proud of him because I was already impressed by the type of person he seems to be.  It put everything in perspective and finally made me want to write about him.

Even though I may not understand why his decision is different from at least 3 of his fellow members, I want to be able to watch how he handles himself during such a complicated time.

Nobody is perfect but despite knowing that, I still cannot shake the feeling that Yunho, and the 4 other members, are destined for much greater things.


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