Yun Jae trending at Twitter

“Yun Jae” (with a space in between) is the 4th most trending topic at Twitter… in the world… at 2:06AM ET… Serious.




I wouldn’t be surprised if it jumps up while most of us here in the U.S. are sleeping. Not even 15 minutes after I posted this, it’s now at #3.


And now “Poseidon” has made it onto the trending list.

This all stems from the news hitting the net that Yunho may already be confirmed to star in the drama “Poseidon” in Korea.  His character’s name, according to translated reports, is “Oh Yun Jae”.

For those who don’t get it, “Yun Jae” is a cute little pairing name that was created to symbolize YUNho and JAEjoong.  Think JD and Turk from the tv show Scrubs, except some fans secretly hope their closeness is a “real” relationship.

What’s more is that it’s the same role reportedly offered to Jaejoong in the midst of the dispute Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu (JYJ) are having with their former korean management company.  Uh huh.

I personally am taking it as a good omen. 😛

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