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Yoochun’s acceptance speech when received KBS Best Rookie Actor Award:

“I am extremely thankful… Despite many things that happened, and I am very thankful to KBS for giving me this chance to act… Thanks to all the staff members, thanks to my manager. Thanks to the members who have always been there with me through the most difficult times. Thanks to my family. Thanks to my dad, although he must be in pain due to his sickness, I know he is crying watching this. And thank you so much to all of our fans.”

Yoochun won the Netizen Popularity Award with Park Min Young & Jang Geun Seok!
“Yoochun’s acceptance speech when received Netizen Popularity Award:

“Thank you for all the fans who have been waiting for us, because I was so shocked (when he received the Best Rookie Actor Award) earlier that I couldn’t thank you properly.”

Bonus for whoever asked what Song Joongki said that makes everyone cry: he said because his grandmother cannot see anything, she should be listening to him right now.

credit:linhkawaii @twitter



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