Yoochun Gets High Praise for SKKS Performance

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Park Yoochun (last name, first name) is receiving high praise for his performance in the Korean drama SungKyunKwan Scandal where he plays a rather rigid, authoritarian scholar who tries his hardest to be an example for the wayward people around him.

According to translated report from Chosun Online, the chief producer for SKKS (Gwak Ki Won) called Yoochun hardworking and said his honest attitude and ability to focus was the reason he’s gotten such high praise. 

Gwak said, “Yoochun took this on with a hardworking, honest attitude and this led to him receiving a good assessment.  His ability to focus is so great, to the extent that I think it would be good if he could be a full-fledged actor.”

Kim Dong Rae, a representative from Raemong Raein production company was impressed by Yoochun’s prowess as an actor, saying: “He has shown us acting skills beyond our expectations, and there is a high chance that he will become an even better actor from now on.”

Even a member of the production team said that Yoochun did 3 months of intense ktraining in acting for this drama and has exhibited “great enthusiasm in learning from the actual filming location”.

Throughout the airing of the drama, the ratings crept up consistently with more people becoming interested in watching as the storyline progressed.

Looks like Yoochun really knocked it out of the park for his lead drama debut.

Source Material: [Chosun Online]
Translations: ssunsett@tohosomnia.net

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