U-Kiss Member wins Lawsuit against Previous Company; Exclusive Contract Issue

articlesKevin wins lawsuit against company
In the battle against his previous company concerning his exclusive contract, the court ruled in favor of the celebrity, male group U-Kiss’s member Kevin (real name Woo SungHyun).

The court revealed on the 13th that the contract was “unfair, as the contract consisted of a long term for Kevin and one-sided profit for the company (Xing Entertainment)”.

The exclusive contract that Kevin had signed with Xing Entertainment in 2006 stated that he would be under the company for 10 years, and that under circumstances in which he would not be able to complete his celebrity duties because of military service or health, his contract would be lengthened according to the missed time.

The first justice department stated, “The 10 years begins from the day of the release of the first album and encompasses all of the time that the artist spends as a singer”, “Taking into consideration the danger of the entertainment industry, this period of 10 years is exceeding the rational amount of time that would be considered fair“, taking Kevin’s side.

The second justice department said, “The length of the contract, profit distribution, the conditions of the contract, and compensation for damages—all of these areas of this contract are in violation of civil law”, “The contract is invalidated by its violation of common goodness and other social order”.

Source: Nate News + ilovepocky @ Rocketboxx.net

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