toki wo tomete tohoshiki dongbanger
Tohoshinki (TVXQ / DBSK ) have yet another #1 hit on their hands. Though they can’t be out as a group of 5 promoting their singles on various television shows, they have scored #1 on the Oricon Weekly chart (Japan) which breaks a record they themselves set previously. The single sold just over 195,000 copies.

What’s going on now is rather historical. The Korean supergroup is the only non-Japanese artists to have 8 Japanese number one songs at the top of Japan’s Oricon Charts (akin to the Billboard chart in America).

And to have such achievements when they at least 3 members are fighting for fair treatment from their Korean management company is another accomplishment in itself.

Toki wo Tomete is a beautiful song which was chosen for an ad campaign by Menards.

Watch the video here:

Congrats to Tohoshinki for the success.




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