Hello, this is SM Entertainment.

Since a series of events occurred including three members of TVXQ breaking away from the team, we SM Entertainment (noted as SM) have been refraining from having U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin participate in music-related activities for a long period of over a year.

For the feelings and dreams of the two members and the company to protect ‘TVXQ’, and thinking about the hearts of the fans, who have been showing an unchanging love to TVXQ, we have been waiting for a long time.

As it was stated in the injunction verdict, all TVXQ activities must be done through SM.

Regardless of this fact, the trio have unfortunately continued to be unresponsive to the proposal SM sent them regarding continuing activities as TVXQ.  Therefore, after much thought and consideration, we have made the following decision.

For U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin, who have not given up their dream of ‘TVXQ’, and who have been unchanging and kept their place, and to continue the existence of ‘TVXQ’, a group we have created with much care over such a long period of time, we have decided to keep preserving ‘TVXQ’ with the two members.

This is because we made the decision that ‘TVXQ’ must continue, no matter what happens, at least for the love and faith of the countless number of fans who have been helping make TVXQ what it is with us.

But, we will not rule out any possibilities that many appear in the future.

Also, we believe that continuing the existence of ‘TVXQ’ is the least we can do to repay all the fans for loving and waiting for ‘TVXQ’.

As the people who have been with ‘TVXQ’ since the group’s birth and growth, We SM will keep preserving ‘TVXQ’ into the future.
Furthermore, we will not hold back when it comes to effort or support for the ‘TVXQ’ activities that will soon commence, we will do everything we can for them.

We ask you for great anticipation and warm support for ‘TVXQ’, who are finally making a comeback in 2011.

Source: [TVXQ Official Website+DNBN]
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What do you think? Are they sincere or are they totally full of $hit?



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