News out of the latest batch of translated reports state that former member of Super Junior, Hangeng, WON his lawsuit against SM to void his contract with the company. 

According to translated reports from “Star Today” and MyDaily, Seoul District Count ruled in favor of Hangeng saying that the contracts made with him were invalid.

Regardless of what happens from now on, it’s a devastating blow to SM because there now is independent validation that their contract with Hangeng is invalid. And thus, it may speak volumes about the way SM contracts with their teenage stars. 

What this decision does is to illustrate to non-fans — and to people who aren’t paying that much attention to the details of such things — that these artists aren’t simply imagining the serious problems with contractual agreements between SM and at least some of their artists.

Hangeng is certainly not the first artist to ever have trouble with SM Entertainment.  3 members of TVXQ, now known as JYJ, also filed a lawsuit against SM detailing the company’s questionable practices concerning everything from their incredibly lopsided monetary split to their jail-like exclusivity clause.

Despite being given opportunities to rectify the situation months before the TVXQ lawsuit, SM reportedly ignored the members’ concerns.

SM’s contractual conflicts go all the way back to the days of H.O.T. and Shinhwa who both had to file lawsuits against this same company. 

Though this road may be difficult for JYJ, they are probably the biggest and most popular artists to ever have to fight with SM in so open an forum.

SM vows to appeal the Hangeng decision. *Sigh*

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