New Junsu solo song “Intoxication” Soon to be Released; Pics of Video Rehearsals and Staff Blog

Junsu-yah! The highpitched powerful crooner “XIAH” Junsu will release a solo single next month! The debut song, composed by Junsu, is called “Intoxication” (Kanashimini no Yukue).

It will be featured in a BeeTV drama as well. Here’s the preview vid where you hear Junsu singing in the background:


The making of the music video is scheduled to be broadcast on MTV Japan on the following days:
May 18, Tuesday, 25:30 – 26:00 (first broadcast)
May 20, Thursday, 16:00 to 16:30
May 21, Friday, 8:30 to 9:00
May 22, Saturday 17:30 to 18:00

100422 Tohomobile Staff blog

Dance lesson!

Yesterday, after the magazine promotion there was a dance lesson!
Before filming the music video Junsu’s face and body shows power!

The dancers seem to have trouble keeping up with Junsu teachers tension *laugh*.
Somebody stop!!
Junsu continued to dance during break time so I warned him to take a rest then…

He started playing the piano (*_*)

I warned him to rest without singing…then Junsu all of the sudden started doing a hand stand.
Junsu won’t stop~, somebody stop him~~!!

This is a story between us
Junsu was dancing alone during the magazine photo shoot!
It seems that he cant wait for the dance lesson..!

In the resting room Junsu said “Puri Tsuke” instead of “Puri ketsu” so iI corrected him *laughs*

This is the Japanese word Junsu learned recently☆ this story is just between us!

T/N puri ketsu: puri is a sound effect. its kind of the sound effect you use for a pudding. and ketsu is butt, basically meaning he has pudding-like butt lol

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