JYJ on Live News Time (PICS)

Pics of JYJ on KBS Live New Time have hit the internet (as if you didn’t know!) Check out a few below:

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Here’s one writeup about the show:

JYJ appeared on Korean television at KBS News for the first time in 2 years. We previously reported that JYJ will perform at the KBS Drama Awards 2010, marking their first performance broadcasted on Korean television since their lawsuit with SM Entertainment began. During the news segment, the JYJ members sat down for a short interview with the anchors, talking about their worldwide tour showcase and future plans. They also talked about their new upcoming album, with songs composed by all the members.

In regards to their upcoming performance at the KBS Drama Awards, Yoochun was asked how he felt about the upcoming event. He said he feels nervous and doesn’t think he will receive an award. The members are unsure of how their future will turn out, but they are all striving towards a positive direction. Junsu also said, in regards to the SM issue, that it is not something their words can solve. He also doesn’t know what the future holds for them but he hopes that they will become united as performers and work in an environment where there is more freedom.

JYJ is planning to hold another worldwide tour next year in 2011, and hopes to reach out to more of their fans across the globe.


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