JYJ Gets the Spotlight in us Magazine

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Columnist and sometimes douche-bag Ian Drew did a writeup of JYJ recently.  Comments from Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu also appear throughout the article, including them mentioning some American celebrities they really liked.

While Junsu jokes about being on the cover of UsMagazine in a rumored love affair and Yoochun mentions liking the tall Gweneth Paltrow, Jaejoong’s tastes are as diverse as the music he sings. 

Jaejoong (or Jaejung as it’s spelled in the UsWeekly article) had this to say about his interests:

“In the past I loved Avril Lavigne, but then she got married… Then I loved Beyonce and she got married too. I don’t know why all the girls I like end up taken!”

There’s a big difference between Avril Lavigne and Beyonce.  But nice to know the sistas are getting some love from Birei-sama (Jaejoong)!

The guys also say they are working to become fluent in English and have lessons every day.

Jaejoong said:  “We’re Korean but doing our best to become fluent in English…We’re having lessons every day. It took a while to conquer some of the pronunciation.”

Yoochun seems to have made peace with his tough time in the U.S. as a kid and now says he loves the mentality of the people here. He tells UsMagazine, “I really love America and the mentality of people here – it’s a very open-minded country.” But he may be a conservative if he lived here (my opinion) as he laughs about the taxes: “There are so many for everything!”

In addition, they mention working with Kanye West and Rodney Jerkins, calling it an “honor”. They also said they don’t take holidays with Junsu saying, “We can sleep and rest when we’re older!” Haha!

No doubt these boys (men!) like to work.  Keep your eye out for their 2nd single which will be what many people see as the breakout track on their album: “Empty” produced by Rodney Jerkins.


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