Those who still wanted to get their hands on the Billboard US magazine with JYJ on the cover better head over to billboard.com right now.  They have the magazine back in stock after selling out and you can order it now…well, last time I checked at around 7PM ET.

Meanwhile, the page featuring music samples of 3 songs from The Beginning album has tens of thousands of plays just since the page was created a few days ago.  Ayyy Girl (ft Kanye West) has over 100,000 plays, while Be My Girl and Empty have almost 90,000 plays each. 

In addition, over 200 pages worth of comments from fans (and a few trolls) from all over the world have been posted. This has got to be one of the most popular pages at Billboard.com. 

There are comments like “…when am I going to hear them [on] the radio??”, and “The Beginning is wonderful. I wish you come to Peru for a concert.” There are many, many more like that. 

But there are also some comments like this one defending the guys against hateful language from antis about speculation around their image:

“there are always people who will call them “gay” theres no way around it. its just sad that there are still very closed minded people…but then again i’;m sure they didnt even take the time to listen to their other music and only judged them by their looks.”

This comment hit particularly hard:

“i read a comment that said “lame and gay”. first of all, I wouldn’;t expect any more from the select racists in america who don’t acknowledge anything other than american crap on the radio. gee, how can music be gay? FEM is Asian, and that shit’s been EVERYWHERE. god, some people are so closed minded.”

Ouch.  As much as I love my country, this is kinda true about some Americans.  But there are also many, many, many more people who dig their sounds and are interested in what they’re doing.  Whatever the case, let’s hope that JYJ will push forward with their own creativity and to hell with anybody who doesn’t like it. 😛

Order billboard mag: https://www.orderbillboard.com/ProductDetails.aspx?ID=77118



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