Junsu’s New Solo Single Already at 160,000 Copies in Pre-orders

TVXQ’s Junsu has a hit on his hands with the sexy mid-tempo Japanese song Intoxication. Intoxication, or “IntoXIAHcation” as the fans are calling it, have pre-orders already totally 160,000 copies.  The single is set for release on May 26 2010.

According to translated reports, the CD single has approximately 75,000 pre-orders, while the DVD version special edition has approximately 85,000 pre-orders.

Around 3 billion won is the estimated value of the amount of money generated just from the pre-orders of Junsu’s Intoxication.

The video has been greeted with spasms of supreme joy around the world and features are more mature Junsu showing off his sexier side.

Source Material:
Translation credits: Supernike911@tohosomnia.net

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