Junsu Rushed to the Hospital in Los Angeles, Update

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We’re getting further word about Tohoshinki’s Junsu being rushed to the emergency room in Los Angeles today.

Apparently Junsu had a very high fever that progressively got worse and had to be taken to the hospital after his temp reached 104 Fahrenheit (40C).  What is causing questions is why, according to an unnamed associate, they tried upwards of 20 different hospitals before finding one that would take him. 

Word is that Junsu was really working himself sick… literally. He was already a little sick but Instead of resting, he continued with his recording schedule.

The guys were already saddened by the sudden death of actor Park Yong Ha, who was really close to Jaejoong. According to reports, Jaejoong couldn’t speak for a while after hearing the news.

Here’s the latest report:


TVXQ group member Xiah Junsu was hospitalized in Los Angeles at around 10 PM on the 3rd.

Xiah Junsu had been suffering from a very high fever and fatigue since the afternoon. Staff members and company associates rushed him to the ER as his symptoms began to worsen. An associate of Xiah Junsu stated, “Xiah Junsu was hospitalized to a hospital in Koreatown in Los Angeles at around 10PM on the 3rd local time, or 2PM on the 4th of Korean time. Because it was the weekend, we tried over 20 hospitals before finally finding a hospital where he could receive proper treatment.”

Xiah Junsu has been busy with recording schedules, and as a result he continued getting a high fever and fatigue. At first, they didn’t think much of the situation because his symptoms were that of a common cold, but as the night went on, his symptoms worsened and he was then taken to the ER. When he reached the hospital, his fever reached over 40C. After receiving emergency care and some shots he has stabilized. This associate says, ” Xiah Junsu, plus the other 2 members are in America to record their album, and they have been pouring out their passion into the recordings. Thinking of meeting their fans after such a long time with their music, they became overenthusiastic and sang repeatedly without rest, and now their body has shown these signs of fatigue.”

The three members, including Xiah Junsu were hit hard with the shocking news of Park Yong Ha’s death. This associate said, “Hero Jaejoong was very close friends with Park Yong Ha, so the news gave him great mental shock and he was unable to even speak for awhile. All three members have been becoming more and more fatigued and even when staff members around them advised them to rest, they were concentrated in recording and in result their health has deteriorated to the point of finding the ER.”

The management side says that for Xiah Junsu’s treatment, they will take a 2 days rest.

Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun and Hero Jaejoong are currently in America recording with Kanye West, who has a great influence in pop music. Kanye West, who was born in 1977, has won 13 Grammy Awards and is a famous Rapper/Producer in America. He has produced music for the albums of Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, and Janet Jackson. The three members of TVXQ are the first to work with a major pop artist and producer like Kanye West. Because of this, many people are looking forward to what kind of product is released from this collaboration.

Source: Hankooki
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