Rehearsal photos from the musical “Kim Junsu Musical Concert – Levay with Friends” are making their way around the internet. 

There was an open practice meeting held which allowed the media to attend and report on the progress of the show.  Along with the meet and greet, they also performed a few numbers for the crowd.

In the photos, you can see that omnipresent smile of his, along with live action shots of him and fellow cast members performing.

Reports state that Junsu gives credit to musicals for giving him courage and strength.

“Through musicals, I can sing and another one of my dreams have come true…I want to cry and laugh with my fans; in essence, I want to breath with my fans,”  translated reports say.

Of course he mentioned getting support from him fellow group members saying, “Just watching the image each of us go through our activities gives me support and cheers me on”.



The musical is set to premiere Oct 7 -10 at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium.

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Yahoo! Korea



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