Jejung’s Fortune this year? TV Life

I ran across this cute little thing about Jejung’s “fortune” for this year. Take these things with a grain of salt, but it’s cute nonetheless.

Jejung January 26th, 1986
Aquarius, O type, from South Korea

Jejung is the type that has ability to combine planning and action altogether, he doesn’t like individual personality and tends to work together with people.

He’s loved by his friends because he’s an outgoing person and a big-brother type. Because he always works hard to achieve great success and most likely strives to match his expectation, when at time he found out the gap between the ideal level and the reality that actually happened, the stress on him would be piled up. Hereafter, it seems that he would continue gaining attention through movie and drama.

In addition, he’s a type of guy that becomes passionate when it comes to love. However, because he is going to be so popular this year, it seems to be difficult to focus on getting one.

【Memo】’Sunao ni narenakute’ (Fuji Television Network) is his serial drama debut.


source: TV Life + tvxq-minyon

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