Jaejoong and Kang Sung Pil Tweet Each Other

As of oct 26 2010 10:23am

[TRANS] JAEJOONG’s Recent Tweets

@mjjeje Oh, I didn’t expect that comment from you..heh

@mjjeje hehe hyung good luck with your shooting SKK hwaiting

@mjjeje @zzzkissme Oh Reum-sshi, [are you] in the middle of shooting?

@kangsungpil @mjjeje Jaejoong~~~ Be careful of colds^^* I’m following you [on Twitter]~it’d be great to do a good scenario together^^ I felt that you’re the kind of person that gives his best.. it’s good to see~ and it’s great to see you take great care of your dongsengs ^^ Become the best!! In the world!!^^

(TN: Dongseng is a term for friends, coworkers, etc. who are younger than you)

@mjjeje @kangsungpil Hyung I was supposed to reply to your tweet but instead I spoke to myself..I’m still getting used to it..heh

Source: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/6ljg65

[TRANS] Jaejoong and Kang Sung Pil continue their conversation

(Sung Pil) @mjjeje I saw~~ But it’s no fun if everything about someone is perfect^^ Being a little unskilled at something.. is still part of who we are and what we have to love about ourselves~ke
(Jaejoong) @kangsungpil Hyung, what you just said is so cool 7
(Jaejoong) haha I love you
(Sung Pil) I love you too~~~♥

source: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/6lpfbk

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