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100208 Bigeast Report Vol 15 Part 3 – “Tell Me Jejung!”

Staff: Previously we went to buy stuff with Jejung, and this time it’s a surprise interview about shopping!

Jejung: It is really sudden (laugh). [It was conducted during the break while filming the PV!]

Staff: That’s right! Please be sure to answer us!

Jejung: Yes~ I understand!

Staff: The first question. Did you go shopping recently?

Jejung: Uhm, basically no. Our stylists showed me a lot of clothes and stuff and I bought a few of those…

Staff: I see… So tell us what else you bought besides clothes!

Jejung: Actually I’ve been interested in interior decoration recently and I’ve been looking at furniture!

Staff: Furniture!?

Jejung: I don’t really care about the design and focus more on the colours. I’ve been buying furniture.

Staff: What kind of colours? I always think that Jejung’s room must be very pretty (laugh)

Jejung: My room is all black! And the living room is all white!

Staff: It’s a little surprising that Jejung’s room is all black. You’ve also specially designed the lighting and stuff?

Jejung: The lighting is yellow… made to have a modern feel (gets shy…)

Staff: Not bad!

Jejung: That is why recently I’ve been looking for small white objects…! I feel very happy when I’m searching for new things. My room also has a mini Christmas tree and other such decorations… very happy!

Staff: That… Jejung. Please take a few pictures of your room!

Jejung: Okay! I also want to let Bigeast see my room (laugh).

Staff: Okay, we look forward to the photos! On to the next question. What’s the most expensive thing you bought recently?

Jejung: This, I think everyone will be shocked~ (laugh)

Staff: What is it?

Jejung: I think everyone will probably think it’s unbelievable (laughs to himself)

Staff: Be honest, tell us quickly! (laugh)

Jejung: … The most expensive thing I bought recenty is a couch. My older sister said that it’s better to buy expensive beds and couches, so I bought it!!

Staff: Since we’re on the topic, the price is…?

Jejung: Secret (laughs) hehehe…

Staff: Alright, the price is a secret (laugh). Now, the last question! The place you want to go to the most now?

Jejung: Uhm… (thinks for a while) I want to go and see the sea in winter.

Staff: …Eh?

Jejung: The sea during winter is beautiful, is it not?

Staff: …? That’s the place Jejung wants to go to?

Jejung: Yes

Staff: Jejung… No… I meant the place you want to go for shopping! (bursts out laughing)

Jejung: Ah! Is that it? So embarrassing!

Staff: Let’s do over. Please tell us where you would like to go to the most for shopping.

Jejung: A large furniture shop I guess~ To make the design of my home better, I want to go shopping!

Staff: I get it! Thanks Jejung!

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