Interview: Junsu Comments about Playing Mozart in the Musical Feb 12 2010

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2010.02.12 16:17:52
Central Daily News:

After the stage, I waited for Junsu in a waiting room. I heard a story that Xiah Junsu (Kim Junsu, Age 24) always sing songs wherever he is. When I heard someone singing a song from outside of the entrance door, Xiah Junsu entered the room. He is the person of the hot topic in the performance world these days.

“Mozart!” the first musical Xiah Junsu challenged to perform during a conflict with the position office, SM entertainment; showed an amazing interest by the public and the ticket selling power. The high evaluation was passed when he created the powerful stages which he did not at all appear to be a new face to the musical world.

The interview was performed in a condition to only ask questions for the musical performance, not about the current issue. This is the first domestic media’s interview after “Mirotic” in 2008. Xiah Junsu chose his words carefully, but he was bright and cheerful the whole interview time. When he repeated words, “Anyone has hard time in one’s life”, I was able to imagine his recent situation somehow.

◆ The stage he wanted to try = The musical offer came to him suddenly. He was asked to be a pinch hitter of Cho Songmo who injured his foot. When German musical author met Xiah Junsu for the first time, the author praised Junsu’s singing ability. “I had the admiration for the musical, but I did not think that would come true so soon.”

“I predicted that it may be in three years later or so. But, there occurred a problem (conflict with the position office), and my earnest desire to perform at the domestic stage arose big in me, and at that same time this opportunity was offered last year.”

It was the music of “Mozart” that have moved him. “I thought that I would feel sorry if I missed such a good songs and music.” Also I was drawn into a life of such a musician who was happy because he was a genius, but he was unhappy at the same time.”

◆ Xiahzart not Mozart = Junsu decided to perform but at the very beginning everything was pitch-black. He received assessment to be the best vocal as a pop idol, but the musical world’s utterance, breathing, and a singing method were the first time for him all together. He mentioned that his husky voice was a challenging matter as well. The overseas activities continued, and he was given only 15 days to practice. Not only was that, acting in musical was his first time also.

“I was not able to change the way I sing in a ballads-type utterance entirely in a briefly given time with such short time to practice, and I thought that even if I practice two or three times more than others, I would fall short.”

“After having been troubled thinking it over, I made up my mind that I will do Mozart in my own style. If there are four Mozart then I will do my own style of Mozart.” It was the birth of the “Xiahzart” which was named by his fans. (His name Xiah and the name Mozart combined together.)

The results were more than expected. Seo Bomsoku, who play the role of a father in the musical commented, “He did not learn to perform musical, and he did not act out, so I felt like approaching to a real Mozart. It was way better than bringing the opposite effect with an exaggerated performance.”

Central Daily News
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