Interview: Changmin in CHORUS magazine

It is said that in Korea, flowery boy is used to describe a person with attractive appearance. Beautiful like a flower, and smell as nice as a flower…. the slender beautiful lad who stands out like a character from the shoujo manga, is Changmin!
The staff suggested to completely unbutton his shirt. Due to this, Changmin was very shy and rejected strongly, ‘No no, It’s okay to have my shirt buttoned!’ However, he compromised halfway. (laughs) ‘I don’t usually let people see that!’ In the end he still showed a bit of his physical beauty. Undoubtedly, he is a ‘flowery boy’.
‘No, it is not like that. My female friends have never told me that, maybe because I am not that popular…’
Seeing him being so modest, Ninagawa san told him, ‘(You) become more mature if compared to the past.’ ‘This really makes me happy.’ Changmin said.
‘I have indeed changed a little. Even though I still can’t be considered as aggresive, but I’ve begun to realise that I need to express my feelings straightforwardly to the girl I like. I will be very careful before I confess to her. I will take into consideration of the character, moral values and lifestyle, to see whether we can get along well. Saying ‘I love you’ when meeting for the first time, this is most probably attracted only by the appearance. I was like that before, but there are many beautiful girls in this world! So I would like to find someone who can match perfectly with me.’
Even so, (you) will still have an idea about how’s the appearance of the girl you prefer, right?
‘If compared to the innocent and cute type of girls, I admire the beautiful women more. There are many criteria to be fulfilled in the requirements of my ideal type, but if I reveal too much, I will become the enemy of women. (laughs) The criteria that I insist on are the girls who have correct manners, girls who like sports and with active and lively personality.
Maybe other people will think that I am too greedy, but I still hope that she can try to understand me. I don’t mind about the age difference though. I ever said that I admire someone like Takeuchi, and recently I saw a poster of Aragaki Yui. I was suprised to see her becomes more mature, I feel “Whoa… she is really beautiful!”. Frankly speaking, I do pay attention to many people.’ (laughs)
Not only this has changed. ‘If I have to fight over to get the girl I like, then I will just give up now. But if that person can make me do like that, and makes me want to make her mine, I will not meet with her again. Because she makes me feel that I have to go after her, and fall for her. If I meet with her again, I won’t be able to control myself.’
‘I want to date someone!’ Changmin said like this. ‘During work, I will suddenly think of “What is she doing now?” , and when eating I will think of “This is so delicious, I should bring her along next time.” I want to have more time on such ‘fall in love time’. I want to be in a relationship with her for a long time, and maintain the feelings of falling in love and continue to live like this. For me, love and relationships have positive influence on work, so I really want to get into a relationship with someone.’
Then, what is important in a relationship from your point of view?
‘To tolerate each other. I do not easily quarrel with someone, but if I quarrel with my girlfriend, I will purposely lose to her.’
‘I don’t think you will do that!’ said a staff who suddenly interruped the interview. Changmin smiled bitterly and said,’Honestly, it’s like that…’
‘But this have to be carry on. Regardless of my ex-girlfriend or the people around me, they have always said that I often keep things to myself. If compared to express verbally, I prefer to be the one who listen. Even if I have problems, I will think of it is better to have only one person to worry about it. I think this is not really a good thing, so I want to correct it… But for me, to correct it is really difficult. Maybe this is only an unnecessary sense of responsibility but I don’t want my girlfriend to become worried over my troubled look. My parents ever said to me too, why I didn’t tell them about the matters that troubled me. But I was like that since young, I overcome the hardships bit by bit myself. In contrary, I would like my girlfriend to be more rely on me.’
According to Changmin, he wants to get married when he is 30 years old. ‘I want to build a warm and harmonious family. Now I am still staying with Yunho, but I think we are going to live separately soon. Yunho is already 25 years old, then I think it is better for us to stay separately. I have never live alone before, so I want to try it.’
Ninagawa’s point of view
I took photographs of him one year ago, now he becomes more mature. Although he is still the ‘forever youngest member’ who is sincere and pure, but he has now grown into a man. He is young yet he has great tolerance. When the photo shoot began, he showed us his great diversity of facial expressions ranging from cutesy to maturity. Regardless of how beautiful the appearance is, it is the maturity that counts in men. Maybe this is the characteristic of the Korean men. In contrary, I hope the Japanese men will work harder.
Born on 18th of February 1988. 186cm. Blood type B. Is the youngest member in TVXQ. Starred in drama series “Paradise Ranch”, which is scheduled to be released in Korea next year. Working as an actor and model has expanded his direction of activities. Changmin said, ‘I want to train my muscle, so now I play boxing and reduce the amount of food intake!’ Staring at the sandwiches which sent by fans as a form of support, while having troubles in making decision whether or not to eat them, he was mumbling, ‘Although I don’t feel suffering to eat them, but I don’t feel excited too…’ The way he looked definitely left a deep impression on everyone. (laughs)

Credits: TVXQBaidu+ 百度MAX昌珉吧食物组
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