HERO Festival 2010: Jaejoong’s Family Celebrate his Birthday with Fans at an Event

HERO Festival 2010 [fanaccount]

This time Hero Jaejoong’s dad, mom, and 4th sister attended. It was very interesting.

Jaejoong is scared of ants T_T
When the 4th sister went to Jaejoong’s house, he saw there were ants in the kitchen. So she told Jaejoong: “Jaejoong, there are ants in the house. Go buy the spray to get rid of them.”

Jaejoong replies: “Those aren’t ants.” (= =) His sister shouts back “Are you an idiot? I told you go to by the spray!”

“Ah… What to do…… How can I go out…… to buy the spray……”

Jaejoong’s sister says: Fine, forget it.” So his sister decides to kill the ants her self. Jaejoong, who stood on the side watching, says, “Then I’ll find the ants, when I find them, you can kill them!” (- -) Just for find ants, Jaejoong went to his room to get the magnify glass~~~

As eh was finding, he says to his sister, “Just find the ants, after capturing the ants, everything will be fine!”

In the end, his sister went to by the spray.

Jaejoong said jokingly, “Even those ants that use to like me are leaving me now~~~”

Jaejoong moving

When the host asked about Jaejoong’s recent moving (to a new apartment), his sister said at first (when he moved out) he always lived his sisters, but he recently moved in with a friend. (That friend is probably Hyunjoong)

The day he was moving, Jaejoong’s 4th, 6th, and youngest sister when to help. When moving they have to eat noodles . That day, Jaejoong and his sisters ordered in. His 4th and 6th sister both ordered Jjajangmyeon. , while he and his 6th sister order something else. Soon their orders arrived, but sadly, what Jaejoong and his 6th sister ordered looked terrible.

When the forth sister came back after getting side dish, Jaejoong was eating Jjajangmyeon. .
~~~4th sister thought: “Did I order wrong?” But continued eating (what Jaejoong had ordered), but it tasted terrible. So she asked “Yah! Wasn’t I the one that ordered Jjajangmyeon. ?”

Jaejoong replied: “Yes.”

So the forth sister gave Jaejoong back his order, and Jaejoong couldn’t do anything but eat it.

After taking one bite, he said his mouth hurts when eating spicy stuff, his sister thought he looked really hurt and offered him water. So he said “its alright” and ate while drinking water. With every bite, he drank some water. His 4th sister thought he was very pitiful, so she said, “Jaejoong, why don’t you eat Jjajangmyeon. ~

” At first Jaejoong rejected saying “Its alright, I’m fine eating this.” In the end, he finished all the Jjajangmyeon.……

Jaejoong and medicine
In this past half year, because of all the bad stuff happening, Jaejoong always have a headache and liver problems. (T T) Jaejoong is the kind that if its not some big problem then he wouldn’t take medicine. But this time, he felt really terrible and believe it was serious and called his mom telling him where it hurts and asked her to prepare some medicien. His mom hurriedly found and prepared the medicine for him, but Jaejoong was in Japan at that time.

So his mom as his 4th sister and his youngest sister to bring it to Jaejoong when he returns soon. In the end when Jaejoong came back to Korea, a lot of fans asked to give their gifts to Jaejoong, so they had a big pile of gifts. And Jaejoong himself fell asleep right away when he came back. So his sister helped him get settled and forgot to give him the medicine……

They didn’t know Jaejoong was going to Japan again just a few days after. (T T) The two sisters discussed what they should do, in the end deciding to tell their mom that they already gave the medicine to Jaejoong, and will actually give it to him next time he came back. The two sisters called Jaejoong telling him that they were both busy and forgot, and will give him the medicine next time.

Then, Jaejoong immediately called his mom! He told his mom his sisters prepared eveyrthing except for giving him the medicine, they lied to him and they actually ate it themselves!! Jaejoong tattled on his sisters saying that they think he is not young anymore and doesn’t care for him anymore.

After that, Jaejoong’s mom immediately arrived in Seoul!

Jaejoong’s food incident
Jaejoong’s mom prepared Jaejoong a lot of food, and told him she brought a lot so she most share with his sisters. Jaejoong replied saying he understand and would share. That was his exact answer! Soon after, his sister came to ask for her share, Jaejoong said I need to eat to, why should I give it to my sister (==)

Jaejoong’s “fly” incident

After Jaejoong moved, one day when his 4th sister was working, Jaejoong send her a text asking: “can you come over~what time can you com?” So his sister replied about 9 to 10. Jaejoong replied saying he understands, and that there’s soup at home. That night, Jaejoong went to his house, and saw him waiting with his youngest sister, the soup was not touched at all. His 4th sister thought it was weird, thinking that it was not like the 2 of them to act that way. And when she got the spoon to drink the soup, the two of them still wouldn’t touch it. She thought it was weird but didn’t think too much about it. Later, Jaejoong’s roommate came in, Jaejoong asked him to have some soup as well. In the end it was only his 4th sister and Jaejoong’s roommate that drank the soup. Very weird! Later the found out, when Jaejoong and his youngest sister bought the soup, they found a fly in the soup. Even after they called and got the replacement, Jaejoong and his youngest sister still felt weird and would not drink the soup no matter what.

What Jaejoong asked his sister to not share: When Jaejoong’s composing……. haha
4th sister says: “When I told Jaejoong I would come to this festival, Jaejoong asked me to never share this…… WHen Jaejoong’s composing, he would wear a big shirt that covers half of his legs, and only wear boxers (T/N: not sure if she meant underwear or boxers) underneath……. Sometimes its skin colored……”
During this time of break, Jaejoong wrote 3 slow songs (T/N: not positive), and 1 dance song. One day when Jaejoong was in the middle of composing, his 4th and youngest sister were outside. Jaejoong suddenly shouts for his youngest sister to come in. Not even minding his 4th sister. He only let his youngest sister listen to his songs and the two of them chatted happily. When they were chatting, the youngest sister says she has trouble going to sleep lately, so Jaejoong made his new song into a CD and gave it to his youngest sister saying if she has trouble sleeping, she should listen to this song. So the 4th sister says: “Jaejoong, give me the dance song, I can listen to it while I’m exercising~~~~~”

This year, Jaejoong’s 4th sister’s popular saying is “Someone like Jaejoong, XXXXXX, don’t like him too much!” His dad was like usual and doesn’t talk too much. Jaejoong’s mom is like all mothers. All in all, this year was lots more interesting than the previous year.

For this festival, there were 15 signed CDs, and 4th sister brought a collection of Jaejoong’s jewelry, and gave out 18 Jaejoong’s private pictures. To tell you the truth, the question they asked were really hard.
In the end, Jaejoong’s mom said, this time next year, I will definitely make Jaejoong come!

At the very end, there was the message Jaejoong asked his 4th sister to must tell the fans.
“I will always keep the faith. Please wait for me. Everything will be better.
Thank you all for believing me and waiting for me, I love you all”

source: Korean blog
credit: baidutvxq
trans+shared by: sharingyoochun.net

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