Heaven’s Postman, the movie starring Jaejoong and ‘Dong Yi’ leading actress Han Hyo Joo, has been nominated for a Grand Bell Award (Daejongsang Yeonghwajae)!

I’ve heard Heaven’s Postman is a rather heartbreaking movie and Jaejoong’s debut movie. Heaven’s Postman was written by the same writer who wrote Sunao ni Narenakute, Jaejoong’s first participation in a Japanese drama.

Han Hyo Joo was asked to describe her thoughts of Jaejoong’s acting at a Press Conference for the movie. She said:

I actually had fun while in shoot because Hero’s staff and fans were very considerate towards me.  As his acting partner, I would have to say he very quick. His reactions toward my acting was very good and he adjusted pretty quickly so I think he has much potential for the future.

Speaking of Heaven’s Postman, it’s #1 on the DVD Oricon DAILY chart:

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Congratulations to all involved!

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Credits: Ameblo.jp + herobar + Wikipedia
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