Yah! Guess whose birthday it is?  Our favorite chun-face: Yoochun!  Yoochun’s birthday is June 4 and the deep voiced cutie pie turns 24 (western).  Yoochun is 1/5  of the supergroup Tohoshinki (DBSK / THSK)  and is currently filming a new drama called SungKyunKwan Scandal in which he will make his acting debut as the lead male character.
Yoochun holds up the low notes and can sound a bit naughty if he goes too deep. Teehee! But he also has a very large range and can hit some of the highest of high notes when necessary.

Yoochun is a Gemini, loves long walks on the beach and… ah, I’m just kidding!

Chunnie, as he is affectionately called by those close to him, is known for those oh so kissable red lips and his sophisticated demeanor. However, Yoochun is quite giggly and he seems to love laughing and having fun.

Like the rest of the members, Yoochun is also a songwriter and wrote a song which ended up being chosen as the theme song for part of a very famous Japanese show.

He also co-wrote the #1 song “Colors: Melody and Harmony” with his fellow member Jaejoong, which was also chosen to be Hello Kitty’s 35th Anniversary theme song in Japan.

Let’s all hope Yoochun has a great time with great friends on his special day.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOOCHUN! (Yoocheon, really 🙂 )



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