Who’s the birthday boy? ‘Youngwood’ Jaejoong, that’s who! (‘Youngwood’ is what I call him)

TVXQ Jaejoong

Jaejoong normally celebrates his birthday on Jan 26. However, that gorgeous guy first drew breath on Feb 4 1986. I like Feb 4 and it’s not unlucky. He was born on that day and so it’s a lucky day for all of us. So I’m wishing him a happy birthday on that date as well. 🙂

We’ve heard from reports that Jaejoong got a lot of birthday wishes and greetings. Therefore on this day I want to say to other fans to continue to support and believe in them.


Jaejoong baby

The hard times he’s having with the Korean management company are the kinds of experiences that turn boys into men. Hopefully Jaejoong will be able to perform with his fellow members in their native Korea without being hassled by people of questionable ethics who seek to block their progress in Korea, if you know what I mean.

I wish for him to be able to spend Feb 4 enjoying himself with much less worry than he’s had in recent months.

jaejoong tvxq dongbanger

He’s very family oriented so let’s hope he can also spend time with his family, including ALL his fellow group members!

Jaejoong loves to write music, to sing and to spend time with his fellow members. We all know they are highly treasured by him. He’s also so busy that he treasures the times when he can laze around, watch TV and do nothing.

In a recent interview with JJ magazine, he was asked to describe himself and he compared himself to the falling rain because it can be weak yet strong. He seems to have a deep understanding of himself.



Happy Birthday to the gorgeous, funny, honey-voiced social butterfly Youngwoong Jaejoong! Feb 4 is very lucky!



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