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This is the second fans support planned by PicnicXiah (Junsu’s Korean fansite) for Junsu’s musical, the day after Avex released the official statement to suspend JYJ’s activities in Japan.

This time there were more people gathered for rehearsal.
We brought different types of simple food there during the rest time.
There are delicious rice balls which are suitable to eat whether in a warm sunny day or during the freezing cold weather and beautiful cupcakes . ^^
The beverage includes soft drinks, mate tea, lemon juice and so on.
When the staff opened the door to bring the food in, we heard Junsu’s singing voice!
It sounded like a song in Elizabeth, it is really high pitched~~~ Such a coincidence that the part we heard was before the end of the song.
After the ending, all the actors bestowed him with thunderous applause.
TT TT TT TT Even the actors were all clapping their hands, not to mention us who brought the food there, we were applausing while standing TT TT TT TT

The staff and actors told Junsu, ‘Please enjoy it~’
Junsu answered ‘Okay~!!!’, his mood seemed quite good, the atmopshere in the practise room was great too~
After they finished the food, the person who came out to greet us included the actors and director, as well as our main character Junsu!!! He suddenly showed up to greet us~

(Recently Junsu seems to exercise a lot, his muscles are attractive!!! TT.T)
We initially worried that Junsu might feel depressed due to the incident happened yesterday, but we were relieved when we saw his bright smile and the way he talked~
We only believe Junsu and we will support him with all our efforts. It is enough by doing so! ^.^

The following is Junsu’s reply to the supportive postcard gave by PicnicXiah.
Junsu worried the fans will feel more fatigue than them so he wrote such message to us.
What we can do now, is to believe Junsu and continue to support him.

Message from PicnicXiah to Junsu
To: Genius ‘Junsu’ who born like a star
Junsu ah, FIGHTING!
Everything will be alright. ^.^
The person with true ability is able to smile constantly, isn’t it?
If we can’t avoid it, then just enjoy it!

Junsu’s reply
It seems like people are too jealous of us…
Even so, we will be stronger ^.^
We will always be thankful to you.

Credits: TVXQBaidu
Trans by: LoveInTheIce@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights



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