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Fanboy Fan Account !
Sometimes you have this nervous feeling…
The trembling of your body doesn’t mean you’re scared. It means you THRILLED.
That’s exactly how I was!
Even in the car ride to LA I was like OH EM GEE.
Arriving to the place where the concert was held was interesting.
There was so many people in line already and I was wanting to talk to all the Cassi’s!
Walking back in forth of the line to see my friend’s family there was so many people who recognized me from my you tube videos that were posted on DBSKnights.
Now I know how famous people feel when people want to take pictures with them !
About 20 people or so asked me to take pictures with them !
Since I was a VIP I was excited and didn’t know what was going to happen.
There was a surprise waiting for me ………
I got JYJ’s Special Edition “The Beginning” album autographed by all JYJ members !
That’s not even the most amazing part of my day.
Me and my friend arrived at our seats with a great view of the stage.
I swear, EVERYONE was screaming just when they were testing the lighting and effects.
I was one of those people.
I was already losing my voice before the concert really even started.
Then JYJ .
They came .
I can say this proudly that I was probably the loudest person in the stadium.
My voice could echo .
I could tell that EVERYONE on my side was looking at me !
Ohh well , I will be the biggest fan I can be when I want to and I don’t care what anyone thinks.
Anyways, my day was amazing.
Yoochun looked so well with his nice haircut and simplicity.
Jaejoong looked sooooooooooo SEXY with the motion of his hair and the chocolate abs that he didn’t show….
And Junsu.
Ohh Junsu…
Junsu was just SCRUMPTIOUS !
His dancing and voice was OMG.
The concert was sadly over L
But I was screaming loud anyways .
Who cares if people stare . I looked hot .
But I was able to buy a shirt from DBSKnights after the concert and im wearing it now ……..
I love it ……..
And I cant wait until the next JYJ concert .
Hopefully until that day they will be TVXQ once again .
Cassi’s , please .
No matter what .
Eternal love

credits: Xiahker
shared by: DBSKnights

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