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I don’t feel pity for anything or anybody that tries to obstruct these 5 young men being together.  A million things had to go right for them to initially find each other; to take each others’ hand and walk forward together. 

They may be cutting different paths from one goal to the next, but this, too, may be for a reason.  While missing pieces of themselves, they can still love.  They can love each other no matter where in the world they exist. And because of this, all of the independent situations which had to occur for them to exist as TVXQ seem all the more remarkable.

I remember Junsu revealing memories of what would have been a terrible thing had circumstances not changed.  Junsu began training before he hit puberty.  He talked about losing his ability, for a while, to sing like he wanted to sing.  Can you imagine wanting nothing more than to do something you lost the ability to do?  What if Junsu decided to quit singing when he lost his voice? What if he decided to pursue sports because of the frustration he suffered?

Jaejoong was a sweet country boy, without any money, hoping to become like his idols.  There was something deep inside his instincts pushing him towards entertainment.  What if Jaejoong got discouraged after failing his first audition and never trained himself to become a better singer? I still don’t believe he was tone deaf completely, but what if his feelings were so easily crushed that he never considered the profession of singing to be a viable option for him?  What if he was tossed out on the street because he couldn’t afford his rent while trying to become who he is?

Yoochun… I remember a crying Yoochun revealing a very complicated home-life while living in the U.S. Through the hard times — the full extent of which we may never truly know — he cultivated his urge to sing and play music.  He was literally living clear on the other side of the world from his members.  What if he decided to stay in the U.S. with his mom and brother without daring to find his own way?

Changmin’s parents are educators.  Their son is certainly no slouch either! With his obvious level of intelligence, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if he would have been working his way towards the title “Dr. Changmin Shim” at a U.S. medical school. Most families with promising children like that are often loathed to allow their kids to pursue a career in showbusiness.  What if Changmin’s parents threatened to disown him for chasing such an unstable dream?  What if their disapproval caused him to squash whatever hopes he had of becoming a singer?

And Yunho… Lord have mercy, I don’t want to even think about what could have happened to Yunho.  This boy has had more than his fair share of $hit to deal with, including everything from frequent hospital visits to not having a roof over his head.  Anything in this hateful world could have happened to him… I’m tearing up a little, so I’ll just leave it there.

The point I’m making is that so many things could have gone awry given the obstacles — some of them treacherous — faced by these 5 young men. Despite that, they all managed to find each other.  They were all born around the same time.  They’ve known each other since before they could shave.  They all have a temperament conducive to hard work, humility and responsibility.  They all found themselves pursing the same dream in a group of dozens and dozens of other hopeful youngsters. 

But out of them all, these 5 found themselves together, able to work with each other to constantly improve; able to comfort each other; able to feel each others’ true intentions; able to connect with each other so much that they could read each others’ actions… without having to speak a word; and able to become trailblazers for their contemporaries and for those who will follow.

Seriously, what were the chances of that happening?  What were the chances that they would all have the drive, sans ego, to try and try and try again? To build a career instead of trying to make as much money as possible riding a trendy wave?  To not be at each others’ throats when things didn’t work out as quickly as they thought it should? To still push forward even when nobody cared who they were?

Who were they to see the magic of Cassiopeia when there were just a few dozen instead of 800,000?  Who were they to be shy and grateful when praised? Who were they to inspire an ever-maturing AND ever-young group of people who would fight the devil himself if it meant these 5 could live happily?

As they continued to break down barriers, and follow their artistic paths, who are they to you? What does their struggle mean to you?  Were they born out of a random collection of events with a puppet master pulling the strings?  Or does their red string tie them together despite, and not because of, that puppet master?

Yeah, a million things had to go right for these 5 to exist. And I have only disdain for any entity which tries to embed itself to prevent the perpetual motion of these 5. That entity will be crushed as a punitive rebuke.  And these 5… THESE FIVE… will find their way to each other so long as they draw breath.  It is inevitable. The only calculation left to be settled is time.
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