A-Nation 2010 Fan Accounts! Updated #1

A great show!  Check out these fan accounts from A-Nation 2010 which featured Jejung Yoochun and Junsu for the first time with 3 members.

Fan Account #1

Fan Account #2

Fan Account #3

#1 Fan Account: A-Nation 2010!

Hey guys~! This is terialk, a university student from the US currently interning for the summer in Osaka, Japan. I just came back from the A-Nation Concert held at Nagai Stadium in Osaka [Aug. 22]. @_@ It was hot~! But since this is a DBSK comm, I will only be focusing on JYJ. I have no pictures, so this is text-only guys ;_;

My friend C and I arrived at Nagai Stadium at 11:30 since the goods stands open at 12:00. The line for the JYJ goods stands was already pretty long at that point, so I stuck myself in line and got to the goods stands around 12:05 pm. At that point in time, out of around 8? stands, only 2 were not sold out of the T-shirts. I was all O_o, why almost no T-shirts!! But I satisfied myself with buying a face towel and an uchiwa. I was this close to buying the light-up A-nation uchiwa, but like, I don’t know what I would do with it when I got back to the US because it’s not very good as an uchiwa in the sense of actual fanning ^^;;

Anyways, we went to our seats [having already bought drinks and snacks the day before in preparation!]. I will skip a lot of artists and all that jazz even though there were some really good performances, but after the intermission and Remioromen and SPEED and other artists, JYJ came out. Just from when the preview video started showing, there was this kind of increasing roar that started. Since the sun had pretty much set at that point, a lot of people whipped out their red penlights or turned on the A-nation uchiwa, so it was this sea of red and blue lights. It was really pretty. I could also see a lot of people with JYJ face towels or prior DBSK concert goods, and in comparison, the artists that got the crowd excitement around this level were Koda Kumi, Remioromen, TRF, and Ayu.

JYJ were so cute when they came out! Junsu was like, is it hot? Is it hot? And the crowd was like YEAH! And then he was all like, “Well, it’s expected that it’s this hot, right?” And everybody sort of snickered. Their outfits reminded me of their Sky performance when they performed at A-Nation previously. It’s not like that they were that similar, except that there was some blue and the cut was vaguely similar. Then again, the heat could have doing something to my brain; you never know.

The song list in order of first to last was Itsudatte Kimi Ni いつだって君に [Always to You], Intoxication, Colors ~ Melody and Harmony, Get Ready, Long Way, and W if memory serves me correctly. After they finished singing Itsudatte, they talked for a little bit, introduced themselves (super cute! although Yoochun’s hair is eh) and then Junsu had to leave to get ready for Intoxication. Yoochun was all bai bai~~ and Junsu sort of looked at him like, you are such a strange fellow some times. Anyways, then Jaejoong exited the stage and then Yoochun. After that, Intoxication! In the complete sense that it reminds me of Koda Kumi songs >.> If you know what I mean :) In a good way, of course.

After that, Colors ~ Melody and Harmony! It was beautiful as always, and everyone was waving their uchiwa/pen light/hands/whatever. The ending was really funny because before they resolved the final note/chord, Jaejoong stopped and started to walk off. Yoochun was all ??? and even said, what?, before they resumed. It was really cute ^^ Junsu came back for Get Ready, which I personally liked the least out of the songs they performed today. Maybe it was because I was all ~_~ with all the artists before who keep saying LET’S HEAT IT UP. But like, every time a new artist comes out, they say that… And after 4 hours, you’re sort of @_@ to it or at least I was.

Anyway, they did Long Way after that, which was really nice, and then W. I was sort of sniffly during W because I really like the lyrics to bits. The 逢いたくて Aitakute [We/I want to meet you] part and Kimi to mou Ichido Waraeru to Shinjiteiru Kara 君ともう一度 笑えると信じているから [Because We/I believe that we will be able to laugh with you once more]. After that, they said the standard thank you for coming closing, bowed, and exited. I’m really happy I was able to see them!
credit: terialk @ dbsg LJ


#2 Fan Account A-Nation 2010

Yesterday when we saw the close up of Junsu doing body waves, a lot of people really lost it (laughs)
The amount of screaming that went on when Junsu was dancing could’ve made at least 2 to 3 people faint.

‘Colors’ by Jaejoong & Yoochun
The soulmates which grasped each others’ hands when they passed one another.
At the end, right before their harmony, I thought they were going to start singing, but then Jaejoong walked to the front of the stage, stood for a while and walked back.
Yoochun looked a little helpless (laughs)
Of course, in the end, they still delivered the perfect harmony.
The natural clutz Jaejoong and the confused Yoochun, they’re just adorable ^^
Their harmony is heavenly!!

‘Get Ready’
The dancing was absolutely perfect, and the atmosphere was amazing!

‘Long Way’
Jaejoong got a little too into it, so his voice seemed much stronger than the others and went a little off key (laughs)
Mr. Technician, Jaejoong is a careless boy, please help him along the way~

No matter how many times I’ve listened to this song, hearing it always makes my eyes fill up with tears.
Jaejoong’s singing is just too good!
Yoochun had a towel in his hand, I think he threw it towards the audience?
Yoochun with the big forehead, really is amazingly energetic (laughs)

Today was awesome!
Being able to see the three of them smiling all the time~
Like myself, most people left after watching JYJ’s performance (laughs)
They’ll be performing in Tokyo next week, I really want to go!!
But I heard it’s really hard to get tickets…
Those of you who will be at the Tokyo performance, give them your enthusiastic support!!

Credits: ameblo + TVXQBaidu
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights

#3 Fanaccount from a fanboy at A-Nation 2010

Before, on the way to watch a-nation with my family, other than my family and I, there were about 1~2 fans who also reached the station and were shocked at the throngs of fans.

JYJ’s color orange was on the tram, and I was shocked as all around the people were orange T-shirts and orange towels.
Also, reaching the venue, from the 7th floor onwards were Tohoshinki fans!

Really impressive~ Those 5 people! JUNSU JEJUNG YUCHUN

When (they) come onstage the whole place became red! Why red? Because Tohoshinki’s concert lightsticks are all red~
Every year during Tohoshinki’s OPENING video countdown the whole stadium will count together
START! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Ah~~~~ (screams) Like that (laughs)

When JYJ came onstage, the cheers from the audience was like a storm (laughs)
Like THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME, the first song to start was “Itsudatte Kimi Ni”
Why is the first song be the type that makes people cry~ (laughs)

1. Itsudatte Kimi Ni
2. Intoxication
3. COLORS ~ Melody and Harmony~
4. Get Ready
5. Long Way
6. W
Sang 6 songs in total!

The clothing was much like last year Tohoshinki’s.
Jejung’s hair color was light blond hair becoming a deeper blond, and its also a little longer
Junsu lost his asymmetrical haircut and his hair color has become blond, very handsome!
Yuchun’s hair was slightly long and curly.

After the first song, Yuchun, who said hello to everyone: Everyone~ Ready OK?~~~~~
As soon as JYJ apppeared the atmosphere of the whole venue changed!
During the second song Junsu’s charisma had an explosion (laughs)
In the third song, Jejung and Yuchun’s chorus was not fully covered, but the two of them are both really cute (laughs)
In the fourth and fifth song, the whole crowd had fun together!
Sixth song… “W” is too sad (cries) Listening to this song I’m think of Yunho and Changmin’s face wanting to hear their voices, crying. It’s a very sad song. However, when I shouted Jejung~Yuchun~, the people turned around to look at me
Should be because seeing men shouting loudly is a rare thing to see (laughs)

When seeing the next LIVE
I hope to see 5 people
And that we can see the 5 people’s smiles…

Source: amebo + WithTVXQforever + Hey!JJ
Translation: tvxqhwaiting @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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