TVXQ Dongbanger 2010
Happy 2010 Everybody!

I hope that 2010 will bring about a clearing of the path for TVXQ to get together and perform with each other like brothers, spend time like brothers, laugh together again like brothers, and have genuine happiness without fear.

I hope all of their dreams come true and that their love, patience and understanding remains unlimited and unchanged.


I hope that nothing and ABSOLUTELY NO ONE will obstruct the music they will create or the love they will spread in 2010 to people around the world.

A million things had to go right for these 5 young men to come together, so most importantly I hope that any and all mountains standing in the way of their progress will be crushed into a ka-billion-jillion pieces and destroyed for daring to suppress something so precious to so many millions of people.

And on a general note: for all those who believe in justice and love, may 2010 bring them both.

HAPPY 2010!

…and many moooorrrrreeee~~ 🙂



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