This is my first time writing a fan account so pardon me for missing out points and maybe wrong sequence for I was too excited. Be warned this fan account will be Yoochun biased because I’m a Chunface biased XD so I was staring at him most of the time *SORRY*

We were supposed to go in at 6.30 but ended up going in at 8+ as the boys were still rehearsing at 7. The sound was so loud that I ould feel the door knob trembling while I was in the washroom. Finally we were seated and the showcase started at 9pm.

The boys appeared in WHITE outfits (OMG SO HANDSOME). Yoochun looks so much better in person than in pics(not being biased here really), Jae is handsome jus like how he looks in pics and Junsu is cute jus like how he looks in pics. JaeChun were wearing blazers and Junsu was wearing a sleeveless shirt which looks a lil like apron LoL but he’s body was rocking it.