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Jejung to take the lead in Ayumi Hamasaki’s (Japan) new video

August 28, 2010 0

Released in July, Ayumi Hamasaki (31) new single ‘Crossroad’ is under production of a new PV, and on the 28th it’s published that TVXQ Jaejoong is going to make appearance in the PV. This will be Jaejoong’s first appearance in Japanese artist PV.

However Hamasaki will not appear at all in the PV. The plot is about a young painter (Jaejoong) who is chasing his dream despite being attacked by a disease, the story tells how he spends the remaining of his life eagerly. Hamasaki said, “If I star it by myself, I would be too much ‘talking’, so I think of someone who can act with compelling power, therefore I asked Jaejoong to appear on,” explaining about her choice. “With his world view of music and unique captivating atmosphere, it will become a very good video clip.” she said.

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JYJ at A-Nation, the sea of Orange

August 21, 2010 0

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Fan reports are coming in about the performance.  Fans report that Jejung was definitely crying when singing ‘W’. “W” is an emotional song particularly about the connection between the 5 members.

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JYJ Showing off their A-Nation Goods; Jejung in a ribbon headband! Kawaiii~ #jyj #a-nation

August 20, 2010 0

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Somewhere in the city, we were sneakily doing a report on JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN’s a-nation rehearsal!
Once we opened the studio’s door… the 3 of them were rehearsing their dance moves.
It seems like they’ll also be showing a lot of cool dance moves this year~♪ I’m looking forwards to seeing that!

During their break time, the members showed us this year’s a-nation goods!

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Yoochun: ‘I used to feel trapped because of work’; SungKyunKwan Drama

August 17, 2010 0

At the press conference, Yoochun said that he himself is an openminded person with a free spirit, whilst Sun Joon (his character) is more conservative and principled.

However, in terms of the feeling of being confined, they are very much alike.

He said ‘Sun Joon’s dad forces him to become a principeled person, and he feels trapped because of that, I can really relate with that.
I used to feel trapped because of work. It’s not that being a celebrity makes me feel trapped, it’s more because I feel like I’m turning my back on my own beliefs and losing myself. Through acting, I felt like I was liberated, and I’m very glad that I was able to produce a piece like this.’