Say, for example, you may be dang near exhausted after traveling all over the place performing. You probably want to get home, take a shower, put on fresh clothes, get a little sleep and look over your upcoming schedule.

Suddenly, somebody is literally right in front of your face invading your personal space — with a flash camera too — trying to take your picture while you’re in line at the airport.

What do you do? If you’re TVXQ’s Yoochun, you probably say a few words to that person and remove the camera out of your face.

A fan posted a fancam of such an incident recently. Watch it now:

If I were in his position, the consequences may have been more severe.

These guys give their all. Their lives are not their own. They care so much about their fans that when they get involved in relationships (which may be almost never), they keep as secret as possible so as to not totally upset their fans or the girl who’s brave enough to date them.

Having someone standing inches in front of you putting a camera in your face while you’re trying to get through the airport can be a bit unnerving.

BTW, where the heck was airport security?!

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