AVEX (Japan) certainly isn’t letting any grass grown under TVXQ’s (Tohoshinki /DBSK) feet, unlike their parent company SM Entertainment (Korea).

Despite being in a dispute with SM for improved contract terms, Tohoshinki is hot, hot, hot in Japan. 

You can hear what seems to be a new Tohoshinki song playing in the background of the Menard ad featured below:


As a matter of fact, they just played Tokyo Dome a few weeks ago in front of tens of thousands of their Japanese fans; Yoochun and Jaejoong’s song Colors has been chosen as the Hello Kitty Anniversary theme; they appeared in the commercial in Japan for OronaminC; and their new song has been chosen for a major cosmetics ad.

They also hold the record for the most #1 hits by a non-Japanese artist on Japan’s coveted Oricon chart.

In addition, they are making the Japanese market more open to Korean artists. Because of their talent, the Japanese public now have a larger appetite for non-Japanese groups and solo artists.

Meanwhile, the fans are showing their support for TVXQ by purchasing their merchandise in Japan  (AVEX) instead of in Korea (SM) while the “battle” continues.


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