Q.What is your first impression of Stand by U?

When I first heard of the song, I thought it was good.I like memorable melodys, but I like repetitive lyrics too.I was thinking it might be more expresseing the bottom of a guy’s heart rather than ‘Why Did I Fall in Love with You”

The first moment I heard this song, Aah…lonely…It’s regrettable that it’s about a guy who is still looking for his parted girl,but I think everyone at least once ever experienced this ..

Q.Did the recording go smooth?

Recordings are always done with a blazing willpower,but the emotions of this song were so strong,that it especially had more willpower than others.

This time the members especially gave much more opinions.

For example, the shake at the beginning of the song that me and Yoochun sings,we also recorded the beginning, talking in vibration.But it was edited out (laughs).

That’s regretting (laughs).

Even though the recording was finished, they constantly did it again, over and over againtrying while suggesting things.

Q. What were you thinking when you sang this song?

When I sing ballads, sometimes I think about the lyrics while I’m singing.I practice until I automatically think of the
lyrics and it move my lips naturally and sometimes I also think about other things while singing it.This song is arranged with good beat and the code is memorable so it especially has a lot of emotion.

Q. During the part of the chorus are so beautiful!

Thank you! I love that part too.

Q.I heard that you’re singing it in your current tour, how was the audience’s response?
We asked them to concentrate on the lyrics and then sang,and they all kept quite and listened. After the song ended,they clapped for us and there were sometimes some people who cried.They thought up of their past love and they always had an imagining, thinking expression on their face.

Q. I want to ask a guy to sing it for me at a karaoke room.

It is a song that is suitable for any style so we would be happy.

We’re happy, but it’d be better if you sang it with a feeling with no strength then I’m going to sing this song up!

I’m sure you’ll have fun singing this song because the arrangement is good.

Q. In contrast, tea for two is a very sweet love song.

It’s a song that makes you feel connection between fall and autumn.I’m thinking it may be a good song to listen to while driving around a beach.

Stand by You and Tea for Two have similiar atmospheres but the lyrics and melody have exact opposite parts which makes it have great balance.

Q.Right now, you’ve been touring live for a while with the audience, has there been any difference?

The biggest point would expectedly, words.Talk of the things we think and talk about it directly,
Everything just comes out naturally. And, the audience…to see from stage, the audiences age group becomes more broadens, also we see increasing number of male audiences standing there too.

We want to show a hard work performance and our hearts have no change, but if we were comparing to last time,that I don’t think of anything and the feeling that I just have fun.It’s a great strength when laughing with spirit.

Q. Finally, please send message to mu-mo magazine readers.

This song of love I hope that of course females, and males would listen to it a lot,and I think that when you sing it, you feel like you’re going to wallow in so please listen to it!

Stand by You is a song that is completed as very different to the genre that Tohoshinki normally sings,
but we are still able to sing various genres such as dance, R&B, ballad, so it would be great if you can learn about us through this song.
We will continue to work hard!

This summer we have A-Nation, and this year as well, Tohoshinki will continue with various activities so please look forward to it! mu-mo_03
Q.From Tohoshinki’s music, which has the most emotions?

Stand By U

Q.What’s your favorite karaoke song?
Nakashima Mika [Snow flower]

Q.Tell us your most recent regret!
While touring, I accidentally got my dance move wrong. mu-mo_04

Q. Tell us a secret about Changmin please!
That he is recently on a diet.

Q.From Tohoshinki’s music, which has the most emotions?

Q. As a leader of Tohoshinki, tell us what is your goal next year!
Hope to receive and give more love to all. jaejoong mu-mo_05

Q.From Tohoshinki’s music, which has the most emotions?
Doumini coopere Kimi Wa Suki Ni Natta Shimattan Darou?

Q.A song you’d like to compose in the future?
An exciting dance song

Q.Since living with the members, a meal by you that had great response?

kimchi stew with lots of onion yoocheon mu-mo_06

Q. Tell us a secret about Jaeoong please!
He sleeps while is listening to loud music.

Q.From Tohoshinki’s music, which has the most emotions?
Stand by U

Q. Apart from piano, tell us you other skill!
Taekwondo Junsu mu-mo_07

Q. Tell us a secret about Yoochun please!
his forehead is wide while breast is thin.

Q. What is Tohoshinki’s song in which you have most emotion?

Q.Please tell us your recent gag!
I’m sorry higesori

Q. What song did you purchase recently?
Michael Jackson’s concert music, but recently has bought its DVD!

Q. Please tell us a secret about Junsu!
His sneezing sounds amazing

Q. Tell us a secret about Yunho please![b]
He can create a clover shape using his tongue

[b]Q. What is Yoochun’s charm in life?

The existence of being able to live itself

Q. Whom do you wish to meet right now?
I would like to meet Beethoven. tohoshinki mu-mo_02
credit: 네이버블로그 Shooku님 + 감성뮤지션@dnbn
trans and shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress




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