TVXQ Jaejoong Standout Performance in Heaven’s Postman Surprised Critics in 2009


TVXQ member Jaejoong’s “soft and romantic charm” in the film Heaven’s Postman earned him a place amongst the list of memorable performances this year.

The film was released in a limited number of theaters but drew massive attention based on the number of people who were trying to get tickets to see it.

According to translated reports, Jaejoong is cited as one of the “idol stars” who surprised movie critics and the public with his sophisticated acting skill even though it was the first time for him in a movie.

Promoting the film was one of the first solo activities for Jaejoong in Korea in the midst of his and two other members’ fight for fair treatment against the management company “SM”.

The response to Heaven’s Postman also surpassed expectations by attracting almost 100,000 viewers even though it was released in a small number of theaters.

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