TVXQ Ideal Girls Lists [translation]

What characteristics are the members of DBSK looking for in a girl? Well according to translated info, they’ve got a list of things which set their hearts aflutter!

For example, among other things, Changmin likes adorable women who are good in English. Jae’s looking out for petite, pretty-handed girls who would make a good wife and mother.

Meanwhile, Yoochun’s got his eyes open for a serious, confident women who are both sexy and pure.

Leader-sshi Yunho like ’em tall. His ideal woman also has a sense of humor who’s straightforward and quick-minded. Junsu wants a smart, sporty girl who has her own morals and beliefs while being pure and good-natured.

These aren’t their only requirements, mind you! Read the translated lists below:

tvxqidealgirls1s tvxqidealgirls3s tvxqidealgirls4s

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