Tohoshinki to be in Subaru Launch Party

A popular vocal group Dong Bang Shin Ki from South Korea who sings the main theme of Subaru Рthe movie will come to the movie’s launch party.
The stage is scheduled on Saturday, March 21st at 11 pm at Shinjuku Milano 1, the main actress Kuroki Meyisa will also attend.

Subaru is a movie telling about a girl who dreams and struggles to be a professional dancer, adapted from a ballet manga. Becks Music Entertainment produced the overall soundtrack, and Dong Bang Shin Ki is in charge to sing the main theme while there are also other singers contribute such as Koda Kumi and Tomita.

To buy ticket seats to the launch party, please visit Subaru official homepage.

source: dnbn
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress/blogspot


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