Tohoshinki Ray Magazine Interview

Tohoshinki got a chance to eat Yunho’s favorite food, Curry, during an interview with Ray Magazine.

In the June issue, Yunho says he’d be fine if he had to eat curry 3 times a day.  Jaejoong tells the mag that girls who can make Curry are amazing.

Junsu chimes in, “…My future other half, I hope she’s someone that is really good at cooking.”

The guys go on to tout the importance of using the right ingredients to make the spicy dish in an almost public service announcement way.

There was also some humor between Jaejoong and Changmin. The youngest member saying he once tried to make Curry for himself because Jaejoong didn’t do it.  So, of course Jaejoong has a clever response. With a fake sad expression, he tells the maknae, “That’s because in your life you will eventually meet that person that is fated for you, and I just want to let that person make it for you~”

Read the translated interview below:

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