Tohoshinki First DOME Concert Spectacular dome01_small
Fan accounts coming in after Tohoshinki’s (DBSK / TVXQ) first ever solo concert at Tokyo Dome confirm that the 5 member group rocked the house.

Many fans were proud and happy for them, and got a chance to experience all the hard work they put into their performances.

One fan was touched at seeing a ‘sea of red’ in Japan. Red, in this case, is a symbol for Cassiopeia.

Cassiopeia is DBSK’s enormous fan club with almost a million registered members throughout Asia; the red coming from glowing sticks they hold up during DBSK performances.

There was a lot of talk about solo performances the guys did as well. Changmin performed Wild Soul, Yunho did Checkmate, Junsu sang Xiahtic,  while Jaejoong and Yoochun performed a new song they wrote together called “Colors”. Those two always seem to be writing music.

Changmin’s solo performance was definitely stood out, say many fans. It drew a lot of praise with some saying his high pitched rock vocals filled the Dome beautifully.

Also wow-ing the fans was the duet with Jaejoong and Yoochun — known as the Soulmate couple because of how they sync so well with each other. dome02
Many fans report the song ‘Love in the Ice’, performed as the last song, was the best live performance of that song they’ve ever heard.

Other reports say the guys were emotional at the thought of being able to perform at such an historic place in a country outside of their own.

Reportedly, everybody cried at one point except Jaejoong. As you know he rarely lets the public see his tears, but there’s no question he was as touched at the outpouring of love as the rest of the guys were.

Congrats to Tohoshinki for making big waves in Japan!

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